끊임없는 열정으로 항상 발전하는 씨앤아이테크놀로지가 되겠습니다.

Benefit program


  • - Present for the memorial day of official or staff: Birthday of official or staff, birth day of spouse and
    wedding anniversary
  • - Support of child’s school expense: Entire middle school, high school and university registration fee of
    official of staff’s children
  • - Present in the end of year: Happy present for family


  • - Support of official of staff’s school expense(50% of school expense for bachelor’s course, master’s course
    and doctorial course
  • - Support of external education expense

Competent person nurturing

  • - CNI is performing internal & external educations for securing up-to-date technology and technical
  • - CNI is running ordinary education policies such as job education and management control education and
    management control education for each position in order to realize the world best technology and nurture
    the best person.

Medical service

  • - Medical service application of 4 major insurances(health insurance, employment insurance, national pension
    and industrial accident compensation insurance)
  • - Conduct of regular health check
    (including spouse, health examination is performed in general health check center)
  • - Accede to accident insurance

Company club

  • - CNI supports for club activity expense for CNI people to search for friendship and leisure activity


  • - Support of vacation and expense for congratulation & condolence
  • - Support of expense for summer vacation
  • - 5 days work week
  • - Provide housing