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Vacuum automation System

CNI Technology made an success in many project related to vacuum automation system based on differentiated technology.

Mask stocker

Mask stocker is a chamber to store the mask required for 8th
generation OLED process. It consists of mask cassette, up/down
module, forward/backward roller module, etc.

Speed buffer

Speed buffer is a chamber to maintain and adjust the interval
between substrates when 8th generation OLED substrate is
transport. The evaporation material utilization will be increased by
precisely control and reduce the distance between the substrate as
much as possible.

Load lock

This is 8th generation load lock applying fast pumping & vent and
low particle generation. In case of roller module, It is a ferro-seal
direct connecting type. So We was possible to reduce the volume
of the chamber.

Glass flipper

Glass flipper is the chamber to flip to face up or face down. It is
possible to preheat or cool the glass at the same time.

Carrier elevator

Carrier elevator is the device to load or unload the carrier interfaced
AGV or MGV. It consists of up/down module and sliding module.

Linear buffer

Linear buffer is the device that is developed to enable inline carry
from cluster tool. It consists of top linear stage, bottom linear stage,
up/down module and aligner. Because the aligner is installed to
compensate for the wrong location of glass in the change from
cluster into inline, precise carry is allowed. In addition, the
application to change pass line is allowed by applying linear buffer
to system.