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CNI Technology are also developing evaporation source with OLED system and provide the suitable evaporation source for material,
temperature, volume and etc.

CES-LT series CES-HT series CES-CLS series
Depo Material Organic materials Mg, Ag, LiF, Au Al
3D drawing
Capacity (cc) 3 ~ 200 10 ~ 200 10 ~ 350
Operation temperature Max. 500 ℃ Max. 1400 ℃ Max. 1400 ℃
Outgassing temperature Max. 600 ℃ Max. 1500 ℃ Max. 1500 ℃
Heater material Ta Ta Ta
Thermocouple K-type C-type C-type
Reflector type Multi reflector Multi reflector Multi reflector
Cooling type option Cooling jacket Cooling jacket
Crucible material Al2O3, PBN, Ti PBN Inner : PBN, AlN / Outer : PBN
Flange O-ring or CF flange O-ring or CF flange O-ring or CF flange
Flange material SUS304 SUS304 SUS304