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Sputter system

Nowadays, Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) Shield in the mobile device is raised as an critical issue according to the increase of semiconductor
package in the variable frequency. Conventionally, EMI shielding was performed at PCB substrate. But this traditional method has reached a
limitation at thinning and lightening. Therefore, paradigm about EMI shield is changing as the development of EMI shield method at semiconductor package level. Recently, CNI Technology has successfully developed inline sputtering system for deposition of EMI shield layers, and supplies
customized solution according to semiconductor package size.

The SIGMA1000 series are in-line sputtering system for EMI shield deposition of semiconductor package. This is a full-automation system, optimized
on mass production, and the design can be flexible to accommodate the customer’s needs.

Key Features - Global industry standard tool for EMI Shielding
- Superior shielding performance
- Optimized design for mass production
- Respond to a variety of package sizes
- High step coverage
- Easy PKGs handling with H-VAMs(High Viscosity AdhesiveMaterial) - Damage free during plasma process
- Full auto system by In-situ robot
- High vacuum configuration with Cryo-pump & poly cold
Benefits - Excellent 5-facet uniformity with special cylindrical cathode & PKG tray design - Excellent adhesive properties by plasma treatment
- Easily maintenance for target and shield change
- High throughput with customized In-line system
- Thermal stability of PKGs

Core technology

CURUS200 series are standalone cluster system for H-VAMs™ dispensing. Dispenser’s quantity can be changed flexibly according to tact time.

Key Features - Process flow : H-VAMs™ dispensing > Self leveling > Ramping
> Curing > Cooling
- H-VAMs™ thickness non-uniformity : ≤ ±5%
- High reliability
- Compact foot print
- High throughput
- Cost effective

H-VAMs™ is adhesive material for semiconductor package handling in sputtering system. H-VAMs™ which is easy to attach or detach
semiconductor package is key element in mass production. H-VAMs™ has been developed in collaboration with Shin-Etu that can be changed according to the needs of various customer likes viscosity, thickness, shape, etc. Recently, CNI technology has developed solution for not only LGA but
also BGA package.

Key Features - Easy to attach or detach semiconductor package
- Controllable exfoliation.
- Low outgassing rate
- Optimized adhesive properties
- Thermal and chemical stability