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CEO Message

We, CNI are pursuing “Creating a new value with different thinking and way”

Even though we are living in high-tech era, we should break existing framework of thought to survive in the limitless competition.
So, CNI has developed “EMI Shield sputtering system” for semiconductor package with H-VAMs technology. That’s the first technology in the all of
industry, and then CNI is competing with world-wide companies.
We already have been confirmed the best quality of our shielding technology from the customer, and keeping on developing various
‘EMI Shield Sputtering tool’. And also, we have competitive technology and quality about OLED and vacuum line system.

CNI Technology will create and develop the product for the customer’s impression with new thinking and way, and will enhance the innovated
company with customer. The people of CNI promises that, we will not satisfied just one success, and will be improved more and more for the